Secrets of slot machines

Secrets of slot machines

There is nothing easier than starting to play video slots in a casino: just register, make a deposit, and before you open a menu with dozens of slot machines for all tastes, just click on the buttons and wait for the prize. But is everything as simple as it seems at first sight? Is it worth to entrust the choice of a slot machine and the game strategy only to your tastes and intuition? Experienced players will say that this is the easiest way to lose. Today we will discover some secrets of slot machines that will allow you to make the game more meaningful and successful.

What are the secrets of slot machines?


Everyone knows that the frequency of the prizes and their size depend on the operation of the random number generator (RNG). Theoretically, their work should be the same, and not depend on the time of the game, the size of the bets or other factors. However, as practice shows, in reality, the work of the RNG is adjusted.

Based on the experience of our testers and players, we were able to discover some secrets of NetEnt’s slot machines that we want to share with you.

Game cycle and dispersion of video slots

The cycle of the slot machine is quite simple: first it accumulates the players’ bets and then it distributes the bank in the form of prizes. In the “collect” phase of the cycle, the slot machine rarely and grudgingly awards prizes, and it does not have to rely on a large prize. If you feel that the slot machine is greedy and does not give out prizes, change it.

How long will the slot machine collect the bets? Unfortunately, this information is one of the main secrets of gaming machines, and slot machines are set up in completely different ways. Our website team spent a lot of time testing NetEnt’s slot machines and discovered that the cycle change speed in all of the Swedish manufacturer’s machines is different.

The greed or generosity of the slot machine also depends on the setting of the return percentage of the bets. This data is publicly available and each player can choose the most profitable device for the game. Please note that progressive jackpots are the cheapest. How to win the jackpot and is it worth trying? We answered this question in the article “How to win the jackpot?

What is the probability of a jackpot? The answer to this question lies in the concept of “variance”. If the machine returns 95-99% of the bets collected, then players receive 95-99 cents of every dollar lost. However, you must admit that it would be pretty boring to play, knowing that every time the drum rotates you simply lose a few cents on the dollar. Therefore, the machine takes money from one player and gives it to another. This forms a deviation from the statistics called dispersion. The greater the spread (variance), the greater the probability of a big win.

Night-time predators

Does it affect the results of the game at the time of day when the player visits the casino? Our answer is yes. If you play NetEnt’s slot machines, we will reveal the secret of slot machines, which will increase your chances of winning. The thing again is the cyclical operation of the slot machines.

How do you use this information? It should be noted that the video slot machine strives to complete its game cycle and distribute the prizes by the time the statistics are reset. Therefore, the probability of winning increases precisely at these times. For Russian players, this means that the hunt for luck must go out at night.

Size matters

The chances of winning are theoretically the same for all players. Unfortunately, casinos are interested in the big players, so small adjustments are made to the RNG’s work. Casino owners carefully hide the fact that big players win more often and more than small depositors. However, the experience of our evaluators allows us to predict the behavior of the gaming software based on the value of the player’s bets, the size of the bankroll, the prize statistics and other parameters. Perhaps this information is one of the main secrets of slot machines.

We do not claim the full accuracy and integrity of our research, but we can assume that we were able to reveal the general principles of the operation of NetEnt casino software.

How to cheat the gaming software? Our evaluators recommend pretending to be a major player. For example, plan to spend 200 $s on a game. Make a deposit for the maximum amount possible for you, play for a medium or higher stake. The main thing in this situation is not to go beyond the limits of the game set for you and control the betting of the bonuses. If you have 200 or more bets in your account, casinos consider you a serious player who strives to keep up by all means.

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