How has cinema influenced gambling? Review of movie-themed slot machines

movie-themed slot machines

Planet of the Apes

Planet of the Apes slot machineThe novel by the French writer, Pierre Boulle, seems to have no limitations of time or format when it comes to being adapted. From cinema (the first of six films was released in 1968) to television, and then back to the big screen in 2001, 2011, 2014 and 2017, Planet of the Apes is undoubtedly a classic that never fades. In the 21st century its popularity has earned it a new legion of fans thanks to the remake craze, allowing it a foray into the world of digital fortunes.

Planet of the Apes is a dual-screen slot, with a unique 10×3 format, 40 joint paylines, and a theoretical return amounting to 96.33%. NetEnt is the company responsible for the creation of the machine, which also incorporates various bonus features, wild and scatter symbols, free spins and bets between S/. 0.20 and S/. 200.

Mighty Kong

Mighty KongInspired by the 1933 film directed by Merian C. Cooper and its successive remakes, Mighty Kong is based on the giant gorilla kidnapped from its natural habitat and transferred to the no less “wild” streets of New York. The protagonists of this well-known and tragic story are transformed into icons that fill the 5×4 screen, where the mighty ape’s adventure unfolds.

The bets range from 0.50 to 250 credits, the prize lines total 50 combinations, and the technology and design are provided by the company Pragmatic Play. A special mention must go to the soundtrack, which sets the game in the depths of what could be Skull Island. The theoretical return equals 96.64%.

Cinema Classics

Cinema Classics slot machineThe seventh art has always been the perfect setting for producers, actors, actresses, directors and other characters with a touch of creativity to show the world their talent through feature films that have become classics of the big screen. On this occasion, the elements associated with the making and enjoyment of films become the main protagonists of the story on which the Cinema Classics game is based.

We are referring to the clappers, the cameras, the popcorn, the 3D glasses and even the celluloid itself. These are all part of the iconic template of a slot whose parent company is MultiSlot. A 5×3 interface, 25 prize lines, bets between S/. 1 and S/. 24, and a theoretical return of 98.47%, make up the most striking technical aspects of this particular slot machine.


JumanjiAt NetEnt is not only inspired by music to develop games. Cinema is one of the main sources of ideas for the company’s creators, and Jumanji Video Slot is one of the best examples. The 1995 blockbuster film starring Robin Williams and Bonnie Hunt serves as the cornerstone of the eponymous slot, in which the cast of actors gives way to animals and stampedes as the stars of the show. A 5×3 interface, 36 paylines and a theoretical return equal to 96.33% make up the entertainment aspects of Jumanji Video Slot.

Hero War HD

Hero War HD slot No, it’s not about Avengers: Civil War. It’s about a battle of fortune and the quest for big prizes. Hero War HD is a slot machine with very attractive, full-colour graphics inspired by comic book superheroes.

The icons that fill the reels have the faces of masked heroes, whose only mission is to help the most daring players to accumulate wealth during the time they spend in front of the slot machine. The interface has a 6×3 format, 25 (variable) paylines are available, and there are 7 betting levels, where the amounts vary between 0.25 and 25 credits. The theoretical return is 97.76% and the developer is World Match (WM).

Hollywood Film

Hollywood Film slot machineWM takes the most iconic elements from the world of film and presents them in a slot machine with differentiating features. Hollywood Film has a 5×3 format, with symbols such as clapperboards, film cameras, popcorn, director’s chairs and 3D glasses, among others, which change position during the game time, on a background reminiscent of the old movie theatres.

The wild is inspired by the Oscar statuette and the bonus game by the reels of celluloid that used to fill the corridors of the big recording studios. The theoretical return is 97.55%, paylines total 25 and bets range from 0.01 to 25 coins.

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