How to easy win in slot machines?

win in slot machines

Risk game

Forget about this function. Never use it if you want to keep your bankroll. More precisely, it can be used only if the amount earned is small: $5 or $10. That is, it does not affect your bankroll in any way. The main problem is that, in most cases, these bonus rounds are designed to increase the advantage of the casino. In them, you will most likely get less than 50% of the winnings.

This is mainly about Microgaming slot machines. If the machine can hit well, then you don’t need to risk even more. From the very first moment you have taken a risk. And even more, you don’t need to use risky games in old slot machines like Novomatik. Very often, this will be a copy of the original game (emulator), so the probability of winning will be even lower (significantly).

Stop the wine

Stopping wine – the antipode of stop loss. You can find another name, for example, stop profit or something similar. This function is available in any modern NetEnt slot machine when playing in automatic mode. You can specify an exact value, for example, $100, if you win, the game will stop automatically. Why is this done? Because, those slot machines cannot constantly draw. The winnings will move with losses. And the last one will always be more.

Therefore, you should establish a threshold (dam) for yourself, after which the game will stop. Let’s say $3,000 on your bankroll, you play for $1, you took $300 with you. What should the winnings be so that you can get out? As a rule, anything above 20 – 30% of the amount is already good. In our case, this is $60 – 90. In other words: if you have increased your active account by 20 – 30 %, you can get out now. Yes, it may seem insignificant to you, but think of similar gains over long periods: one month, in one year. Little by little, everything becomes a decent income. 

But a lot depends on the opinion of the player. In terms of mathematics, 20 – 30% is already good, but the person with this may not agree. This is subjective. Someone will set a target of 50% or 100%. But here it is important to understand that the more you want to get, the harder it will be to achieve and the greater the chance of exhausting the whole account.

Reducing bets when losing

You can play the same bet all the time. But in reality this way is quite boring. And besides, it is not ideal from the point of view of bankroll management. Ideally, you need to REDUCE the bet if there are significant losses. This way you can keep your bankroll much longer. For example. You have $ 1,000 in your bankroll, you play for $ 1 and you have already lost $ 90. Most likely in this situation you are approaching your stop loss.

So why not cut the bet in half and play for $0.5? Forget about Martingeyly and other nonsense. The increase in the rate during persistent losses will eventually lead to even greater losses. Spin for $0.5, and see what happens next. If there are losses again, then you can safely stop at stop loss. If there are not, then there is a chance to restore your current account a little and then return to the usual bets.

Why do you usually get lucky with the last penny at the casino?

The increase of the bets when you have prizes

There is another variant: an increase in active betting after a grand prize. We do not recommend doing this, but in some cases it is mathematically justified. For example, you have 10% of your funds ($200) and you play for $1. You are lucky, the slot machine pours x 200 ($200), and you have been increased by 100%, while your stop vin is 50% ($100).

It turns out that you were shown HOW TO LOOK a hundred dollars too much. In this situation, you can take a chance and make spins for $2 or $3 at any value – for example, up to $350 of $400. This was nothing terrible. You can afford this risk. And if you could – you’d throw in a lot more than your usual earnings.

GNA (random number generator)

RNGTo play slot machines successfully, you must also understand the function of the random number generator. The most important thing: each turn does not depend on the previous one. This means that all these theories about “hot slot machines”, about the fact that after a big prize the slot machine won’t give more and so on – such theories are dubious at least, and at most radically wrong (and this in all probability).

The machine itself does not know if you have won or not in the previous slot machine, it only receives a set of numbers from the random number generator and displays the information on the screen. So forget about all kinds of patterns (good mood “if you throw in Max Bet, the slot machine will start the advantageous scheme, but if you are going to click on a spin – then nothing will happen”), all kinds of “tricks” you are trying to fool the machine. It won’t work. You can only accept the conditions imposed and try to minimize the costs.

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